I want to reply to all of you individually, but alas, I will need tah hafta address you as a group here. My apologies…

First off… let me thank you all for coming back after such a long period away! It makes my heart go all squishy and inky. You guys are awesome! … and I can’t help feeling that I have the best fan base on the planet!!!! I will still address you all as Squiddies. R&R-ers… gets hung up on that last “r”…

It has been a strange few months. To pull yourself out of your routine, the thing that you love, and plop yourself intro something different, for the sake of keeping things fresh and interesting. Change is a funny beast. At times, I’ve felt sad that I’m not Squid Rowing… at other times… I’m elated with the new digs. However, I’ve concluded that I don’t want to close the book on Squid Row at all. I won’t say more than that, just that I can’t help but feel that THAT show ain’t over.

ANYWAYS… Randie and Ryan! I’m ever so pleased that many of you like the new format. It seems an easier format to write in… in that I have more room for dialogue and space to draw. You will see me really playing with space and drawing STUFF more in the coming toons. Also, too… I am working in a new medium and I’m learning along the way. As I look over the toons in their finished-ness… there are some I would do differently now… but chalk that up for learning, yah?

And please allow me to plug my Patreon page once again. If you dig what you see here in the weeks ahead, please consider supporting me on that awesome site! It comes with extras, too! If you sponsor me for just 2 dollars a month, you get extra insider feed/posts… these get into the details of what inspired weekly toons, and photos and fun tidbits. I post at least twice a week there. If you sponsor me at $5… you get the Extra Fun Extras… (also posts twice a week). You’ll get stuff like short film shorts of Harold (“Stufftie Blues” is dropping this week)… I’ve thrown my hat into the short short short film ring. It’s a rather small ring… but I have iMovie… and I know how to use it now.

Okay Okay, enough of that! I’m just thrilled that you are here! Joyous day of happy!

Enjoy the new adventures of Randie and Ryan!