me-n-harold-motion-copyHarold and I really love to travel. We have been all over together (if you ain’t guessed by now, Harold is the one in the beret).

Harold (the Stufftie) is a character in my comic strips, Squid Row, and this comic, Randie and Ryan (the further adventures of the popular duo from Squid Row). Harold is also a “travel stufftie” and a bon vivant (he’s also a bit of a drinker… but let’s keep that between us).

So with all the traveling Harold and I’ve been doing the last several years, I thought it would be great to use some of my travel experiences in my comics. Also-too, Squid Row, which I wrote and drew for 8 years (, needed to grow somehow… and so Randie and Ryan is an extension of that need. I changed the format, the look and feeling of the comic and the marital status of our heroes, as well.

If you want to properly get to know Randie and Ryan, the best place to start is over at Delve into the archive and get to know our pals.