Randie Springlemeyer-Goodfellow, is formerly a starving artist. She’s newly married to Ryan (Goodfellow), her best friend and all around support system.

Randie and Ryan live in a popular touristy seaside area (Cypress City) where Randie is striving to make it in her local art community. With a string of small successes, she grapples to overcome her own problematic behaviors and “hit the big time.”

Randie is a member of The Art-o-rama Mamas, a group of eccentric philanthropic artists that meets in local coffee shops. This group also performs guerrilla art tactics, which Randie enthusiastically partakes in.

Despite being busy with chasing her artistic dream (but often procrastinating at it), she finds herself missing Ryan when he is away on writing assignments… resulting in blue periods.

Ryan Goodfellow, Randie’s other half, is a travel writer for a myriad of get-away-magazines, vacation guides and online blogs (including his own). Ryan has entered a new chapter in his life… He has undertaken a new vocation and marital status. But being constantly on the road and traveling around the world is proving difficult for Ryan. He longs to be with Randie and yet he loves his new blossoming, and sometimes overwhelming, career choice. However, when the pair CAN travel together, it is an amazing adventure! AND they can work on their travel blog… An Artful Jaunt.







SPILL… dear friend of Randie, and fellow Art-o-Rama Mama. Spill lives in Sandoon City where she leases a live-rent art studio; Randie often paints there because her apartment is small and “ruinable”… Spill and Randie have been pals for many a year and they share many long afternoons of painting and art talk.

Spill is an omni-media artist, working in anything from concrete and found objects to acrylic and pastels. She can often be found hauling statuary and commissioned works around via the “Spill Mobile”… a painter-fied work truck.


Harold the Stufftie

Harold is Randie’s stufftie. Found on a bus bench many moons ago, Harold has become a steadfast pal, often accompanying Randie all over “Squid Row” via bicycle. Harold puts up with Ryan’s teasing and goading, but is always ready to give a hug to anyone who needs it. He is also an excellent art model.







Kai is a longtime-ol’ college pal of Randie’s. He is a popular DJ in the Cypress Bay area, is in several bands and is often on the road with either SpootFish or Fussbucket. He has a jazz bent but plays many genres of music.

Kai is the only one who will go to horror flicks with Randie.