Greetings… here’s some news from the Squid Row Comics Camp….

I have updated the chapters on Randie & Ryan… you’ll see the name of the chapter underneath each comic page… there are 15 chapters so far. There is also a chapter jump station in the left side column; they are in order.  As a side note, there is still the tag cloud on the left column that you can see all the comics about a particular subject.

I’ve been updating my other other website… … and I just launched some Art-o-Rama Christmas deals. So go to and get a jump on your Christmas shopping. But hurry, the offer is for a limited time only (where have you heard THAT before?)

Also, I’ve updated the books & zines section on the website. With the exception of a few issues that are sold out, all the Art-o-rama issues are on the site with photos & descriptions. You can order copies on the site by emailing me… you’ll see the instructions there.

Also… if you look under the portfolio section, you’ll see the MugShots… also for sale! Makes for a unique Christmas gift for the coffee/art lover on your list.