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Hello, R&R’s and Squiddies…

Have you liked what you’ve seen so far on this website? Do you want to see more? Here’s something that I really think is a win-win. If you “pledge me” over at Patreon, you will get more stuff. And it supports… well, me. Intrigued?

Here’s how it works: You go to… choose a pledge level that you like (each pledge level has a reward or a series of rewards); you give Patreon some card info and they take out that amount automatically every month… that money goes to help provide this comic, and all the perks associated with it.

It’s super easy, and you can get The Insider Feed (access to behind the scenes information, special sketches, Harold movies and silly stuff) which posts 3 times a week for as little as $2 a month. That’s the cost of an Americano (trust me, I know this). Is this comic worth one Americano coffee a month?

Making comics is fun. Help me continue to serve you up comics online! Smiles and thank you (AND thanks to those of you who already give! Harold salutes you!)