Okay… I am in love.

Irish butter has no competitors. It is simply the best butter on the planet, hands down. Sorry, California… you claim to have “happy cows”… but Ireland must have the happiest cows… green GREEN fields… for to graze. Mmmm… nope… Irish cows make the bestest butter. Think I’m wrong… ? Book the flight… or order some on Amazon.

So Harold and I had a great time! We discovered many things on our trip besides butter… that the rain wasn’t so bad as long as you had your coat and umbrella…. that the Irish are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met… Irish breakfasts are some serious eating!… that seafood pie is delicious… and I discovered that my favorite drink in the land of pubs and Guinness drinking… is a gin and tonic… wha? Yah… I drank some hard cider whilst in Dublin, but I cannot explain the need and desire for a simple gin and tonic… and that is what I drank almost exclusively. I know, some of you are shaking your head… but I credit it for keeping the sickies away on my trip… it is actually a healthy imbibement. TONIC is built into the title. And when they give you the tonic part, it is a very small Harold-sized bottle of Schweppes. But in THIS country (USA), they don’t make the wee bottles and it’s made with high fructose corn syrup in it, and I won’t drink that. I’ve found a sub… a more handcrafted tonic with agave nectar.


The photo here is of Dolan’s Pub… candles drip over “dead soldiers” … Hendrick’s gin bottles make a fine candle holder.

Alright alright… There is far too much to tell in one post… but I will say that I enjoyed this trip immensely! The Irish are some darn nice people… and I met some lovely people on this trip!