haroldWhen Harold came into Randie’s life, there was an instant feeling of happiness. This stuffed “thing” was her constant friend, even when Ryan wasn’t around.

I carried Teddy with me as a small child… a constant companion (with the furless-ness to prove it) who was there to comfort me. He was a comfort… when the monsters were out to get me at bedtime, we hid under the sheets. When I was lonely or sad, Teddy was there for me.

This metaphor works in the adult world where more adult scary things and uncertain-ness plagues us daily. Harold is that “I’ll make it better” stufftie… both in Randie’s world and in mine.

Drop into the story which I started posting on the blog at Squidrowcomics.com. Today is part two in the series. Enjoy. Direct link:     http://squidrowcomics.com/when-harold-met-randie-part-2/