The Christmas Season was full of the Force …this weekend… at The Salinas Valley Comic Con in Salinas.

I didn’t have far to schlep my Squid Row wares this past weekend as the con was, literally, a block away from my office. So that was wonderfully convenient… No commute, no hotel, no hassle. The only hiccup on the whole weekend was a nagging migraine (which was mild at times but made for a dismal evening after the con).

It was a great weekend of meeting local comic fans, not so local comic fans, and exhibitors from LA, Salinas, The Bay area and beyond. The 501st Legion (from San Jose) was there patrolling around… and Darth Vader made an appearance on Sunday (Harold was visibly shaken). The turnout was amazing on Saturday (the drizzle didn’t keep anybody away)… and I didn’t even get a chance to have a break from my booth that day until after 3pm (it started at 10am)… ! Sunday was not as well-attended as the day previous, but I was busy doing commissions and Harold was giving hugs and making new pals! It was nice to have a few moments to hobnob with fellow tooner pals (like Ji of HyperGeeky, Ray from Tragic Hero Comics, Vince, Alex “Shoe” Schumacher, Anamarie Morales, everyone at Current Comics, and so many more) and also meeting new ones to stay in touch with (like Josh Trujillo of himself and Jeff Thomas of Pon & Zi)!

Thank you to everyone who visited my table… to those who helped make my convention merry!… and to all those who made the event happen.

Here’s some scenes from the weekend’s fun…