This coming Saturday… it happens! Squid Row returns! Are you ready for the fun to re-begin!? Squidrowcomics.com

Here are a few answers to some questions you might have:

  • Squid is going to drop every Saturday. You will then get two days of Randie and Ryan (Tues/Thurs)… and then a Saturday Squid Row. This may change in the future… but this is where we start.
  • You will see Randie & Ryan from time to time in Squid Row, but they are no longer the focus of the comic strip. Again, nothing is set in stone (I’ve learned to accept that fluid is better)… and this is where we are right now. THE FOCUS of the comic strip is the community of “Squid Row” where the artists are trying to scratch out a living.
  • You’ll see many of the same characters that you got to know and love from before, and there will be some notable new ones.
  • The strips will no longer be relegated to any particular number of panels… one week it could be from 1-4 panels, then 6-8 the next week. There is no set format… but it will be the humor strip that it was before, Plus.