Greetings from the Squid Drawing Board…


More and more webcomic-ers and indie artists are turning to Patreon for to give their readers and want-to-support-ers a way to, well, support them.

I want to once again ask for your Patreon-ic support via Patreon. It’s simple. They make it easy. They take care of the details. You can choose to give anywhere from a buck a month to $25 a month (or more). There are perks, of course. Would you like to get an art-postcard from me every month? or perhaps an artist trading card (example is pictured)? Or even an Art-o-rama zine (when it drops)? How about a behind the scenes news feed? All these things are perks and are available to you starting at $2/mo.

I don’t like asking for money. I was horrible at the door-to-door thing as a kid. Cookies, walk-a-thon pledges, school fund drives… I hated them. But comic convention tables aren’t cheap… and I want to continue to provide comics online. So won’t you drop something in the ol’ coffee cup? I would appreciate it greatly!

AND, to Sweeten the Pot, I will do you up a one-time Artist Trading Card for signing up at the $2/month level… that’s just $24 dollars for the year…  plus you get an ATC… and I will send it to you! If you choose to give at a higher level, I will still send ya the ATC and I’ll draw whatever you want on the card! Jump to my Patreon page!

So thanks for reading to the end. Thanks for being a fan! AND… Smiles to you all!