Greetings R&R fans and Squiddies! I have something to tell you about…



I am now friends with the chimp… a MailChimp (no, not a male chimp) … a Mail Chimp. He’s a little monkey with a messenger bag and he delivers email messages right to your inbox. I am finding that posting events and such on the blogs isn’t always an effective way to tell you about what’s happening with Squid Row Comics (R&R, Squid Row, & upcoming events).

That said, I contacted the chimp, and he’s agreed to help me out. MailChimp is a reputable company that DOES NOT spam and many artists and organizations usehe chimp the chimp to put out high quality, visually exciting email newsletters and the like.

So what sorts of things would be in the visually exciting email newsletter? Upcoming conventions and events will be listed… photos of said events and the aftermath. There would be news about stuff relating to the comic or art shows the I would be involved in. There could be previews or trivia… who knows?

So would you like to get the “Squid Row Happenings” in your inbox? I have placed a sign up under the Patreon button on the website. It’s easy to get on the list (and off, if you want). I hope that you’ll get on the list of people in the know. And when the little monkey shows up delivering messages to your inbox… don’t feed him… I hear he likes to take impromptu picnics and gets behind.