One of the nice things about the new format here at R&R… is that I can show more of Randie’s work. And I know I just gave you a sketchbook page recently, but Randie draws a lot and this subject means a great deal to her!

As a sketchbook carrying artist, I use said drawing space as a journal-diary… I put down feelings and whatever pops into my head… I doodle and plot out events, lists and silly things. It’s an amazing tool. I just started my 125th sketchbook. This one is an AquaBee of great size… 8.5 x12. I have a trip coming up so… I will be taking the watercolors …and as the name implies, you can use water media on the pages. Thank you, Lauren and Matt for the awesome sketchbook!

And yes, many of those drawings on today’s toon came from MY sketchbook. So really, you are looking at part of me. But you knew that.