This is the End…

And the Beginning.

It’s the end of Randie & Ryan’s story as told here twice a week. It’s the end, for now, of my comic stripping, as I’ve decided to devote my energy to a gallery and creating art. It’s the end of time constraints due to maintaining two comic strips online.

It is NOT the end of my doing cartooning. I have not killed off my characters, and thus disabling any return to them ever again.

I have begun a new thing.

But before I go there… I want to thank you all for coming with me on this story about a quirky artist named Randie who lives in a “touristy seaside community but moves to Portland to support her best friend and love of her life, Ryan.” It has been so much fun creating this story… and this group of people who I’ve come to love. I created a community that created a community that enjoyed their story. Thank you for the comments, the love, the support… all these things have given me such joy over the years. I appreciate all of you! Thank you! 

As far as beginnings… it’s Art imitating life. I’ve started a new life, as Randie did, in Portland. My new beginning is in a gallery, not a magazine. However, I am not at all giving up cartooning. It will always be part of my thing. And I invite you to see how things progress at both and also   … I am on instagram @brigtoon… Please come along with me… as I skip into new beginnings!

ps. Check back on Squid Row and R&R from time to time as I will post things and stuff.