It’s finally happening… The magazine Launch! For months and months, Ryan has been steadily working with his team to shape and produce a Portland culture and style magazine. He chose to leave Cypress City to pursue a dream job. In doing so, he asked Randie to give up the life she loved in Squid Row. Gone are all the connections and old haunts… the ocean, the meeting up with friends and the proximity of said friends.

Luckily, the life in Portland is more comfortable… financially. The pair is opening a new door… with this new magazine comes new connectivity and new experiences… they could maybe buy a house, and Randie could paint the walls green; she could have her own studio and be part of the art community in a much larger city. She has a pal now, an in… and together maybe they can forge a way. It’s full of possibility.

This is the next to last Randie & Ryan.