It was two years ago today, on the first day of Summer, that I began Randie & Ryan.

I had taken a long leave of absence from Squid Row; I needed a break… and I wasn’t sure how long it was going to be… or whether I was done with my comic. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do except that I was going to try my hand at doing a graphic novel. I didn’t want to leave the world I created around Randie, so it would be a story about her. I wrote it, was tweaking it, began some drawings and then realized it was a little dark in places. I didn’t like it enough to keep going. Now what?

I’d left Squid Row at an interesting juncture. Randie and Ryan were going to be a thing… a couple. So naturally, I jumped ahead even further… now they’re married! It seemed right. So that is where I started their new story. After their wedding. They left the neighborhood called Squid Row, and now they could go anywhere and do anything. This story was all about them.

This coming year will see some bigger changes for our duo. Life is all about change and we will see how R&R deal with them. Thank you for coming along for the ride… I hope that you have enjoyed the ups & downs and all the speed bumps in between.