The mood at Chez Bridgett is somber… and yet, somehow upbeat. My MacBookPro fell ill last week. Blue screens are the sign of big trouble on laptops… and I immediately called Apple. It culminated into a trip to my local Apple Store’s Genius Bar. And after running diagnostics… it was determined that my laptop would need to be admitted to the hospital and then surgery would probably be necessary. I am obviously feeling pretty low. I use my laptop in EVERY creative endeavor involving my cartooning. So it is kind of a big deal. I feel a bit like Ryan with his Bug in the shop.

Fortunately, I have an iPadPro… which is helpful but not a replacement for what I do. I can sketch and create things, but Photoshop is not something it can do. I do have a much older MacBookPro that I can do some things on… but there is no internet capability which complicates matters.

The Genius folks informed me that the fix can take up to 10 days. And this puts the comic behind greatly. I will try my bestest to keep the flow of toons uninterrupted… but there may be a bit of a gap depending on things. I apologize. I am currently two weeks out… so things won’t be problematic until mid February. I will keep you posted and will focus on writing in the meantime. Keep your eyes in this blog area for iPad stuff, too. Smiles and thanks ahead of time for your patience.

I blame the gnomes.