Hello Randie & Ryan-ers/Squiddies…

No word on my laptop. I’m hoping that it is on its way back from the computer hospital and I will get a call soon.

Work wise (sans laptop), I have mapped out a goodly bit of storyline … and gotten some writing in. If you would like a peek, keep reading… if not, skip the next paragraph and read on where it’s safe.

So there’s some fun with the art show featuring all the hard work Spill and Randie did creating the army of gold gnomes. I’ve written in some old familiar faces and we’ll see just what Jimmy did with thone 300 gnomes. There’s also some Enid backstory (based on some current events in my circle of friends’ lives) and Joe’s Cuppa Joe stuff… but that’s a ways down the road.

OKAY*** SAFE starts here!

Anyhow… I’ve not been working at the office lately… due to some illness at home, so I’ve been spending a lot of time at the “home office” … My cat doesn’t seem to mind. However, she’s unhappy with me right now as I’ve locked her in the house; She has a tendency to fight with other outdoor cats, and lately she’s had some “fight spots” on her ears and back… so I’m letting them heal up before I unleash her back into the ring. She lets me know how unhappy she is by clawing on stuff… little brat. Anyhow… there’s an Ella comic storyline in there somewhere.

Well… I’ll keep you posted on things. Thanks for the support y’all!