IMG_6025You must believe me when I tell you that Harold and I had a great time at APE this year… Here’s why… (one, Mike Shirley-Donnelly, of the band Curious Quail, did this awesome gif of me and Harold being silly)…

Awesome folks were involved on all sides of the table. Behind the table, Betsy Streeter and Fun Jen kept me laughing… they truly are awesome booth mates… and Betsy just rocks… check out her site 


The nice folks running APE had a huge challenge this year… taking on what Comic Con had been running for years… they have some bugs to work on for next year, but they did a nice job overall.

I met some AMAZING people this year… Joey (also of the band, Curious Quail– go check out their website …   …it’s way cool with lots of gifs from APE and really great music!)… the fun personage of Susan Oleinik and her fun sewn goodies… Jared Konopitski and his awesome space kitty, Jill Allyn Stafford (finally after stalking her on Instagram)… dang awesome peoples all!

I was introduced to the band, The Coffee Zombie Collective, of Santa Cruz… fun party music seen at Stritch in San Jose on Saturday night. The Craftsman, on 1st Street, San Jose was dinner that night… with Tristan, the mixologist, at the bar helm. Extraordinary Mai Tais there. Indeed!

The folks who turned out for Betsy and my workshop Think It, Write It, Draw It… were GREAT! They were most participatory … AND the ones who stopped by our tables to talk more… Allegra Colston, Rachael and her sick pal… and others whose names I didn’t catch. Thank you all, y’all!

Harold is always game for fun… and I must thank him for being such a pal who always knows how to break the ice.

And as always my support team and minions must be thanked profusely… Judy and Nelson who make it all possible.

last but not least… THE TOAST!!!!!!! Long Live The TOAST!