… Dublin? Buh, Buh, Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh.

Friends, Harold and I are heading to the Emerald Isle. So later this week, I will be off and away.

You will see no interruption in cartoons here, but I will probably respond to comments at odd times. Ireland is 8 hours ahead of California time. Harold says he looks forward to the hard cider, although he says he wouldn’t mind a Guinness (he knows I don’t drink the stuff, and he can’t finish one on his own).

The first stop is Dublin, then Limerick and Galway and then back to Limerick. The trip will be for two weeks and Harold & I will be posting on Travels with Harold (.com) so you can see posts there. Also there is a feed there that posts my Instagram photos (brigtoon) if you want to see the travel pic feed. I will post here a bit, too. I plan on doing a bit of work there… Because certainly Ryan will get to visit someday… Maybe even Randie.